It is a pleasure to welcome you to our School which is at the forefront of teaching and research in the social sciences in Australia.

Professor Jennifer Balint
Professor Jennifer Balint

Welcome to the School of Social and Political Sciences. We are home to a dedicated team of academic and professional staff in the disciplines of Anthropology and Development Studies, Criminology, Political Science, and Sociology. Some of our staff also teach into the Faculty’s Gender Studies program. Through excellence in teaching and research, and in partnership with our communities, we are:

  • Redefining and addressing today’s most important challenges
  • Creating, curating, challenging and enriching knowledge; and
  • Reshaping understandings of our multicultural and swiftly changing world

Our work is underpinned by our values of intellectual freedom, integrity, social justice, diversity, and environmental sustainability. Through our research and teaching our ambition is to redefine the world and change what matters.

Professor Jennifer Balint
Head of School of Social and Political Sciences