LAL seminiar: SOLL postgraduate speed-paper presentations


LAL seminiar: SOLL postgraduate speed-paper presentations

Babel Middle Theatre, Room 106


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T: 8344 1758

Join the PhD students from the School of Languages and Linguistics for an overview of their current research.

Apichat Khamboonruang (Noom): Development and Validation of the Diagnostic Academic Writing Rating Scale

Beatrice Venturin: Correlations between language proficiency, language use, language environment and perceived emotionality of L1 and L2 in early bilingualism.

Carly Pettiona: From an Englishman to an Internet Troll.

Catalina Torres: Preparing a pilot study in New Caledonia.

Eleanor Lewis: New Caledonian French Nasal Vowels.

Giuseppe D'Orazzi: Demotivation on L2 studies in the Go8.

Hannah Kunert: Bilingual puns in Japanese.

James Cleverley: The Body before the Screen: Film Experience and the Senses.

Jesse Whelton: TBA

John Rice-Whetton: Passive get-constructions in English.

Josh Clothier: Lebanese-Australian Ethnic Identity Quantified (a sequel).

Maria Kyuseva: Sign and Shape Specifiers in Russian Sign Language (RSL).

Nanang Zubaidi: Teacher's decision-making process in feedback provision.

Nicole McLean: Administer of Blinkers: Media Portrayals of Political Corruption in Brazil.

Peter Nyhuis: Insertion of /ᶇu/ in Wubuy: Phonological epenthesis or empty morphology?

Ruth McHugh-Dillon: I'm not a bad guy": Tracing totalitarian masculinity in Junot Díaz's fiction.

Xiofang Yao: Negotiating identities in the linguistic landscape: A case study of Chinese communities in Melbourne.