LAL Seminar: Jake Farrell


LAL Seminar: Jake Farrell

Join Jake Farrell for a seminar: The interaction of Depictive secondary predication and lexical aspect.

Depictive secondary predicates (e.g. the ‘raw’ in “John ate the fish raw”) are unusual in being syntactically an adjunct, but semantically a (second) predicate. Depictives - particularly those predicated of the object of the main sentence, called object-oriented depictives - show systematic restrictions and changes in acceptability depending on the verb class of the main verb. This talk shows how these systematic interactions can be explained by using gradability and adjective scales, which correspond to the aspectual features of durativity and telicity. Through manipulating the properties of gradable adjectival depictives, we can see how the acceptability of object-oriented depictives depends on telicity and durativity, and how these surface in different domains of the grammar.


  • Mr Jake  Farrell
    Mr Jake Farrell,