Catalonia: Next State of Europe?


Catalonia: Next State of Europe?

La Diada is Catalonia’s National Day, commemorating the fall of Barcelona in 1714. At this event, you will have the chance to hear about the Catalan independence movement from academics, community leaders and politicians.

Catalonia’s long-awaited and bitterly controversial referendum on independence from Spain will be held on 1 October 2017. Just over three hundred years after Catalonia was fully incorporated into Spain, over 80% of Catalans want the 'right to decide' on the question of Catalonia’s independence, while the Spanish government vows to do everything possible to stop it.

But where did the growth from independence come from? When did Catalans start to see their unique gastronomy, literature, culture and language as important signs of Catalonia’s difference from Spain? How important is this sense of unique cultural and culinary identity to Catalan independence? Is an independent Catalonia possible?

This panel discussion co-hosted by the Casal Català and the University of Melbourne will discuss the cultural, political, legal and social implications of the independence movement in Catalonia, Spain and the European Union.


  • Mr Andreu Francisco
    Mr Andreu Francisco, Catalan Politician
  • Mr Daniel Castro
    Mr Daniel Castro, Casal Català de Victoria
  • Dr Gerald Daly
    Dr Gerald Daly, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Stewart  King
    Dr Stewart King, Monash University
  • Dr Lara Anderson
    Dr Lara Anderson , University of Melbourne