Daniel Russo-Batterham PhD Completion Talk


Daniel Russo-Batterham PhD Completion Talk

You are warmly invited to join PhD candidate Daniel Russo-Batterham at his completion seminar:

'Codes of Expression in French Lute Song'

The interplay between music and language has long fascinated scholars and is a defining characteristic of many musical forms. Seldom across history, however, have the structural features of song texts been as central to the generation of meaning and pleasure as they are in the French court airs, which flourished at the beginning of the seventeenth century. Encapsulated in the precious miniaturism of these songs, was an unaffected aesthetic that eschewed musical devices common to other genres of the period. This thesis examines how patterns within the texts and music of the lute air de cour shape its expressive dimensions and enact the courtly codes of seventeenth-century France. Quantitative analysis of syllabic musical structures is interleaved with evaluation of primary literature to explain how composers were able to generate meaning and move listeners within the narrow stylistic and temporal confines of the French lute air.


  • Mr Daniel Russo-Batterham
    Mr Daniel Russo-Batterham, School of Languages and Linguistics, The University of Melbourne