PhD Completion Seminar - The Sustainability of Technology Integration in Academic English Programs (EAP)

Cynthia Palikat warmly invites you to attend her PhD completion seminar:
The Sustainability of Technology Integration in Academic English Programs (EAP)

Blended approaches to teaching and learning in academic English programs often demand the provision of substantial investments in professional development, curriculum change and technological resources. Given the intense effort required for successful courses, focus has turned increasingly on the sustainability of blended learning in higher education. In my talk, I present key findings from my study which investigates the sustainability of technology integration in a blended EAP program. Framed by the model of sustainable blended learning (Blin, Jalkanen, and Taalas, 2016) and the argument based approach (Gruba, Cardenas-Claros, Suvorov and Rick, 2016), this participatory action research investigates three case studies representing different conceptualisations of technology as they emerged from the site. Results of the study point to the complexity of the issues which emerged; highlighting the need for a proper understanding of program context in the implementation of technology related initiatives. The talk concludes with study implications and agenda for further research.

Date: FRIDAY 23 November
Time: 2pm
Location: Room 506 Babel building (139)