Locking Up Our Kids – What Do We Hope to Achieve?

Free Public Lecture

Locking Up Our Kids – What Do We Hope to Achieve?

Level 2
Kwong Lee Dow Building
234 Queensberry Street


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The issue of youth detention reflects deep and divided views about punishment and its ‘deserving’ recipients. The current punitive correctional model can inflict further violence and harm on young people who have often already experienced multiple disadvantages.

Given recent revelations of abuse in youth detention centres, this timely event will examine the limits and possibilities of providing care and support for young people in these facilities. Specifically, it will question what youth detention aims to achieve and consider alternative approaches to 'locking up our kids' that promote, rather than undermine, dignity and safety for children in custody.

By complicating the conventional binary of punishment versus rehabilitation, this panel discussion hopes to shift the direction of youth detention policy and practice in Australia.


  • Mr Wayne Muir
  • Mr Roger Antochi
    Mr Roger Antochi, General Manager
  • Ms Anne Hooker
    Ms Anne Hooker, Youth Development Officer, Penhyn Youth Unit
  • Professor Nathan Hughes
    Professor Nathan Hughes, Professor in the Department of Sociological Studies