Empowering Peace Constituencies

Status: 2016

Staff: Dr. Pradeep Taneja & Prof. Akihiro Ogawa

"Empowering Peace Constituencies: The role of civil society in peacebuilding in the Asia Pacific region." This is a joint project with Professor Akihiro Ogawa of the Asia Institute at the University of Melbourne. We are currently seeking funding for this project. It examines the impact of civil society’s involvement in peace-building processes as well as the sustainability of peaceful relations in the Asia-Pacific region through grassroots participation. Four high profile cases related to decades-long disputes will be examined: establishment of a nuclear weapons free zone; peace between India and Pakistan; China–Taiwan d├ętente; and reconciliation between Korea and Japan on the issue of comfort women. In chronicling and analysing the increasing number of civil society interactions that transcend national borders, the overall result of this project should be a blueprint for civil society engagement in the strengthening of universal values and promoting non-violent options in conflict situations.