Self-Determination and the Sharing of Dreams: Maori and Aboriginal Australians Telling Stories

Free Public Lecture

Self-Determination and the Sharing of Dreams: Maori and Aboriginal Australians Telling Stories

Rumbalara Football Netball Club
Rumbalara Football Netball Club
Mercury Drive, Shepparton


Moana Jackson has said he wishes to see the world's Indigenous Peoples "at home in country, and at home in the world".

In this 10th annual Dungala Kaiela Oration, Moana Jackson will argue that the hundreds of Indigenous Peoples who helped draft the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples had many hopes and aspirations, perhaps the most common and important being that all Indigenous Peoples would once again be able to determine their own destinies; that the right of self-determination that had been so long denied would once again be accorded recognition, so that the people could flourish and prosper.

Part of that flourishing would be the right of Indigenous Peoples to not just be safe and secure at home in country, but to be confident and brave at home in the world; to merge ancient wisdoms and contemporary knowledge into a uniquely Indigenous approach to the problems that beset us all. To walk proudly wherever destiny might lead.

The exciting initiatives begun in this region and this country indicate that the hopes shared by so many during the drafting of the UN Declaration can be made real with imagination and bravery. So what else might Indigenous Peoples imagine for the future, what else might societies need to be brave about?

Moana will explore those questions and seek answers, confident in the belief that the Yorta Yorta people, like all Indigenous Peoples, can dare to dream new dreams.

About the Oration
The Dungala Kaiela Oration is an annual event co-hosted by Shepparton's Dungala Kaiela Institute and the University of Melbourne. The Orations examine culture, climate change, economics and regional development, legal issues, health and society. The aim of the Oration is to celebrate Aboriginal cultural identity, create a shared vision for the people of the greater Goulburn Murray region, and build bridges to promote Aboriginal social and economic development.


  • Mr Moana Jackson