Workplace Workshops: Understanding Financial Reports


Workplace Workshops: Understanding Financial Reports

North Lecture Theatre
Old Arts
Faculty of Arts


John Paxinos has been managing Arts Organisations for over forty years. Clients have ranged from one-person operations to groups with multi-million-dollar turnovers.

He has observed that people working in these companies fall into one of three categories: 1) those who are good at financial management, 2) those who have no idea about financial management, and 3) those who are not good at financial management but pretend they are! People in the first two groups generally survive and prosper - while those in the third group eventually get found out.

This brief seminar will teach you about the three essential reports that are the cornerstone of financial management in all organisations: the Income & Expenditure Statement, The Cashflow Statement, and the Statement of Financial Position or Balance Sheet. It is designed for Graduate students who have not studied finance and would like to avoid being members of 'category three.'

Note: a repeat session of this workshop will be run on Thursday 19 September from 12-2pm. If you wish to register for this alternative session you can do so at the bottom of the registration form (link at left).


  • Mr John Paxinos
    Mr John Paxinos, Director