'Hard Truths' Q&A


'Hard Truths' Q&A

In September and October 2019 the Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne will be hosting 'Hard Truths', an exhibition of prize-winning photography from The New York Times. ‘Hard Truths’ showcases revealing images, each capturing nuanced experiences of struggle, survival and upheaval from across the world. The collection, curated by David Furst, The Times’ international picture editor, reveals the commanding insight of The Times’ finest photojournalists, who go further in pursuit of truth and in some cases, have risked their lives to bear witness from the world’s front lines.

This Q&A will feature a panel of the following editorial, photographic, and humanitarian professionals:

DAMIEN CAVE, Journalist and Bureau Chief for The New York Times in Sydney, Australia. Former New York Times Miami Bureau Chief, and former staff writer and editor at Rolling Stone and Salon.com.

ADAM FERGUSON, Photographer, "Through the Outback" series, "Hard Truths." Works domestically and internationally for The New York Times, Time Magazine, National Geographic and others.

CECILIA HEMANA, Head of Performance and Evidence, Australian Red Cross. Former Head of Research and Insights and Acting Head of Strategy, Australia Red Cross.

This event is your chance to ask the panel about the content of the exhibition, the ethics of photojournalism inside and outside of the gallery space, and the various stories referenced by photos displayed. After the Q&A refreshments will be served.


  • Ms Cecilia Hemana
    Ms Cecilia Hemana, Head of Performance and Evidence
  • Mr Adam  Ferguson
    Mr Adam Ferguson, Photographer
  • Mr Damien Cave
    Mr Damien Cave, Journalist and Bureau Chief