Unlocking Creativity: Artists' and Architects' Estates


Unlocking Creativity: Artists' and Architects' Estates

William Macmahon Ball Theatre
Old Arts Building


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Organised by the Australian Institute of Art History (AIAH), the Centre of Visual Art (CoVA) and the Melbourne School of Design (MSD) at the University of Melbourne. The symposium's keynote lecture is presented in collaboration with the Duldig Studio.

This two-day symposium will explore the enduring cultural significance of artists' and architects' estates in Australia. It aims to present recent research on creative estates and expand on current studies of the careers of creative individuals and their societal impact. The symposium will address four broad themes:

(1) Heritage spaces: artists' and architects' houses and studios;
(2) Archives, endowments and other legacies;
(3) Securing the future: women and creative estates;
(4) Estate planning for artists and architects: determining best practice.

The symposium will highlight the rich array of artists' and architects' estates, archives, foundations and other legacies in this country.

Full program is available for download on the registration page


  •  Catherine Townsend
    Catherine Townsend, Melbourne School of Design
  • Professor Emeritus Miles Lewis
    Professor Emeritus Miles Lewis, Melbourne School of Design
  •  Charles Justin
    Charles Justin, Justin Art House Museum
  •  Leah Justin
    Leah Justin, Justin Art House Museum
  •  Colin Golvan
    Colin Golvan, Colin Golvan QC
  •  Anne Zahalka
    Anne Zahalka, Artist
  •  Josef Lebovic
    Josef Lebovic, Josef Lebovic Gallery
  • Dr Denise Whitehouse
    Dr Denise Whitehouse , John Truscott Foundation
  • Dr Sally  Gray
    Dr Sally Gray, David McDiarmid Estate
  •  Dena Kahan
    Dena Kahan, Artist
  •  Laura Jocic
    Laura Jocic, The University of Melbourne
  • Dr Suzanne Fraser
    Dr Suzanne Fraser, Centre of Visual Arts
  •  Ann Carew
    Ann Carew, RMIT University
  • Associate Professor Kate  MacNeill
    Associate Professor Kate MacNeill, The University of Melbourne
  • Professor Paul Walker
    Professor Paul Walker, Melbourne School of Design
  •  Jason Smith
    Jason Smith, Geelong Art Gallery
  •  Lesley Harding
    Lesley Harding, Heide Museum of Modern Art
  •  Kendrah  Morgan
    Kendrah Morgan, Heide Museum of Modern Art
  •  Simon Swaney
    Simon Swaney, Bates Smart
  • Dr Steven Miller
    Dr Steven Miller, National Art Archives, AGNSW
  •  Eva De Jong-Duldig
    Eva De Jong-Duldig, Duldig Studio
  •  Lee Elsdon
    Lee Elsdon, Arts Law Centre of Australia
  • Professor Alan Pert
    Professor Alan Pert, Melbourne School of Design