Renmin-Melbourne student profiles

Qianjin Zhang 张乾瑾, Master of Public Policy and Management (Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Melbourne)

Qianjin ZhangI really enjoy my overseas study life at the University of Melbourne. Our subjects are quite interesting and practical. There are several types of subjects, such as lectures, seminars and tutorials, in which you can train and improve yourself in different ways. Besides that, the teachers like to give us open-minded topics and I can choose what I like to study and discuss. You never feel bored by your study here.

Also, the University of Melbourne provides us with abundant resources and information. For example, the library offers some workshops to guide students how to research information and how to use the literature management software.



I enjoy the variety of workshops as an important part of my studies here. There are many free workshops offered by different offices. I especially enjoy the academic skill workshops, where you can train your academic reading and writing, improve English skills and so on. They also provide one-to-one guidance for your academic improvement and career development. It is also easy to join associations or clubs to make more like-minded friends and also enrich your life. I have joined the Melbourne University Chorus Society and I love the weekly rehearsal.


This one-year overseas study at the University of Melbourne would be an amazing and unforgettable experience. Join and enjoy it! You will never regret it!


Jingnan Guo 郭京楠, Master of Social Policy (Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Melbourne)

Jingnan GuoI have studied in the same school for five years. I wanted to make some changes and have a look at the world outside. The University of Melbourne is the best university in the Oceania. So I chose this program without any hesitation. The major of my undergraduate program is Urban Management, which is closely related to social policies. When I began to choose the topic for my thesis, I found I was interested in the social policy during the rapid progress of urbanisation.



I love it here. I love the beautiful campus, the professional teachers, the friendly classmates and so on. What I enjoy most is lying on the grassland, having a cup of coffee.


If you want to experience totally different culture, enjoy beautiful scenery and practice your English at the same time. This program must be your best choice.

If I have the chance, I'd like to complete my PhD at the University of Melbourne.



Yupei Chen 陈玉佩, Master of Social Policy (Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Melbourne)

Yupei ChenI graduated from Renmin University of China in 2013 as a sociology major student. Then I continued my education with a Master of Social Work at Renmin Universiy.


I am very much enjoying my study here in Melbourne. The University of Melbourne is such a vibrant campus and has various opportunities to offer. I can always benefit from the exciting new insights in class and something that interests me outside class.


It is definitely a great choice to take a year studying in a foreign country if you hope to learn more (not merely in the sense of academic). Melbourne and UniMelb would be a wonderful option.


Wenxin Xia 夏文心, Master of Public Policy and Management (Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Melbourne)

Wenxin XiaI have always dreamed of studying abroad. Although School of Public Administration and Policy in Renmin University of China ranks No.1 in China, as a pioneer of the new public management movement,  Australia can supply me with a great chance to explore the field in a  broader perspective. I was attracted to this project when I first entered in Renmin University of China and I am really happy to participate in such a program, to learn more cutting-edge knowledge and help to better build the Chinese characteristics of public administration.


I like to study at the University of Melbourne because it makes me feel alive. When I first arrived at the University of Melbourne it was late winter. I was immediately attracted by the beautiful campus, and the antique buildings. Everywhere is full of vitality. Learning and living in such a wonderful university is really such good luck.


One exciting part of my study at the University of Melbourne is that I can communicate with many excellent professors and teachers. This semester I selected a philosophy class. In the classroom we carry out discussions on some very controversial issues. The teacher encourages us to speak freely and never judges the right or wrong of our speech. On the contrary, he guides us in the process of discussion and I really benefit a lot.


Compared with the higher education we took domestically, studying abroad can definitely give you unprecedented challenges and new experiences. Here you need to use English to talk, you need to cooperate or debate with your classmates from around the world, you have to balance the dual pressures of study and daily life, and you have to deal with homesickness for family and friends. But as long as you conquer all these obstacles, you will become a powerful person.