iMagine Podcast: Animal Companion

A collaborative audio experience.

About this project: "iMagine Music Podcast is based on the Music and Imagery approaches in the Music Therapy literature, featuring original music composed by our team. Each episode we will focus on different topics and build up different imaginary scenes. Also, in order to create a more comfortable environment for people from diverse backgrounds, IMagine Music Podcast will provide different language versions. More importantly, we want to create an online community through our FB group. Joining the group and sharing your images and thoughts after each episode will be an important step during your journey with us."

Scroll down to listen and find out more about the contributing artists. Listen to the podcast below in your choice of language:

Animal Companion: English

Animal Companion: Mandarin

Animal Companion: Cantonese

About the artists: The iMagine Music Podcast is created by four musicians from the University of Melbourne, including Boya (Guzheng), Bing Yao (YangQin), Kanghui (Erhu), and Jun Bin (Composer).

Jun Bin is a Malaysian Chinese composer and theatre maker based in Melbourne. He is currently studying Master of Development Studies in University of Melbourne, and seek to blend creative works with social advocacy works. 

Bingyao is a final year Master of Music Therapy student at the University of Melbourne. She has a particular interest in promoting health and well-being using music and related art forms. 

Boya is a Guzheng Player, a part time Guzheng tutor in The University of Melbourne who has joined many ensembles in both Australia & China and has performed on various stages. She is interested in music improvisation and technology as well as avant-garde music & collaboration with other art forms.

Kanghui is pursuing her master’s degree of Arts and Cultural Management. She seeks to illustrate and implement programs for promoting awareness and respect of traditional cultures from varying regions of the world.

We asked, our artists answered: why does creativity matter now? From the iMagine team: "Our work, the iMagine Music Podcast, aims not only to express our team’s creativity, but also to inspire creativity from our listeners. We’ve found it extremely rewarding and comforting to be creating something that benefits the community during this time. The podcast exploits the health benefits of music and offers opportunities for relaxation, escape, and cultivation of inner peace. Health is not individual. Health is communal. We are a stronger community when we look after each other, and we are here for you."

To find out more about the iMagine podcast and listen to other episodes, visit their website and join the Facebook group.