Journey to the Past performed by Nigel Huckle

A video recording of an audio performance.

About this project: "This is a video performance of the song 'Journey to the Past' from the 1997 film Anastasia, with accompaniment by Camille Johnson. It's one of those songs that always gets stuck in my head. It's originally performed by a female voice, but I said to myself, 'Who needs rules these days?'"

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About the artist: "Nigel Huckle is an Australian-born American performer in musical theatre. He has performed across the globe including in the international tours of Les Mis̩rables Рwhich included a run at the illustrious Dubai Opera Рand West Side Story, and as a member of the acclaimed Australian group The TEN Tenors. With a long passion for politics and government, Nigel began a Master of International relations at the University of Melbourne in 2019, where his keen interests are in diplomacy and multilateral organisations. Don't ask him yet what he wants to do with his degree, he's got no clue... perhaps a spot on a political drama?"

We asked, our artists answered: why does creativity matter now? From Nigel: "Creativity matters so much now because it is an escape. It is an avenue for us to be transported away for just a short little while from the woes of the current moment. We're all working so hard to either develop ourselves through this strange moment in history or just to make it to the other side. Creativity and art give the brain some valuable switch-off time to indulge. We all deserve that more than we're probably admitting to ourselves at the moment."