Lyrebird by Samuel Bryant

A sound recording of an original song.

About this project: "This is a recording of an original song, written and recorded during the first month of the lockdown. The piece has a simple chord progression and melody played in a major key. This is one of the first tunes that I have recorded in over 5 years. I would say that this whole COVID-19 situation has certainly influenced this creative drive with me again."

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Student Programs · Lyrebird by Samuel Bryant

About the artist: "I am originally from rural New South Wales and have lived in various places after high school. During my years in Sydney I recorded an album with a band called ‘The Spoon Collectors’ (the name has attracted many emails from spoon enthusiasts over the years trying to sell their antique silverware). I recently completed a Bachelor of Arts in where I majored in Spanish and Latin American Studies and minored in Linguistics. In regard to current music projects, I composed a score for a short film and habitually try to compose tunes during the week for my own entertainment."

We asked, our artists answered: why does creativity matter now? From Samuel: "The first part of the question is a bit philosophical for me, so I will be a bit portentous and leave it to Pablo Picasso who once said, ‘art is a lie that makes us realise the truth’. I think this can be an interesting lens to look at art through which can link both “reality” and “art”. I would say that being creative offers, for a lack of better words, a rejuvenating quality for me. It also currently provides a welcoming distraction to current events."