Viva la Vida performed by Anushree Kesurvala

An audio recording of a cover performance.

About this project: "The media is an mp3 of my friends and I singing a cover for the song Viva La Vida by Coldplay. It is three of us performing. One person is playing the guitar and the other two are singing. We recorded this through a zoom call."

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Student Programs · Kesurvala

About the artist: "My name is Anushree and I am a graduate student studying Master of Marketing Communications. I am an international student from India. In this music piece I jammed with my friends (from my undergraduate university) who are currently working in the United States ... we are now working on Stand By Me by Ben E. King and trying to make it sound better than our previous recordings :)"

We asked, our artists answered: why does creativity matter now? From Anushree: "I honestly think this lockdown has made me a lot better at trying new recipes, utilising my time learning creative tools, singing with people, even just colouring to help me calm down! Creativity is a relief as well as inspiration for me. Being in a creative studying field I definitely need to be innovative for my assignments, for that I get inspiration through the advertisements and marketing materials companies release while they work from home as well. It is motivating to see some wonderful works of art created by these companies to help people get through the lockdown."