Purple Scarf by Peta Popa-Jeske

A knitted piece.

About this project: "This is my first ever piece of knitting. I had big aspirations; I wanted to make a scarf that was a meter long and as wide. Alas, I overestimated my abilities and underestimated how much wool that requires. So I made it into a mini scarf for my purple teddy and they love it."

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Knitted entry

About the artist: "I am second year Bachelor of Arts student. I major in creative writing, so naturally creativity and art is important to me. This is my first ever piece of knitting, and it’s hol(e)y but I’m proud of it. I tried knitting when I was 10 and made a big mess of wool, so now 10 years later I’ve taken another crack at it. Normally I paint a lot, with oils, gauche and watercolour, but I also like to dabble in 3D crafts like knitting and pottery. I’m from Melbourne and I have been unable to buy art supplies since March because everyone has decided they are artists, which is wonderful."

We asked, our artists answered: why does creativity matter now? "Creativity provides such a great outlet and distraction from the ‘real’ world - it’s a great way for me to switch off and still do things that matter."