Quarantine by Claire Language

A photographic image with accompanying text.

About this project: A photographic entry with accompanying text.

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Photographic entry


A bitter like, I get uneasy sitting here.
On the day closest to next, I will begin, I will begin.
I am so fond of running away, especially from the POLICE, especially calling the fines line, crossing the fine line. 'Oh yes you are very sweet dear, with your soft voice and auburn hair' I tricked you. Haha. I think everyone is out to get me, or maybe trying to be me, but my lecturer said narcissism is great, fantastic for you. I got confused.
My voice is an eternal dance, why am I always writing about myself? I guess I'll get better, I'll get better, when I begin. When I begin. The day closest to the next.

About the artist: "I am 21, I have changed degrees 3 times. I like lots of things. My favorite things are probably books and admiring others citrus trees in their front gardens. I am studying a major in creative writing and political sciences, I chose these two study areas because I am unsure whether to take life seriously yet or not?? Very confusing. I take lots of photos on film and I really enjoy 120mm, especially the toy camera series that create the most abstract photos. I am really bad at looking after things though, so sometimes my photos just come out strange from lack of care - which I think is beautiful in some way."

We asked, our artists answered: why does creativity matter now?  "Creativity is important all the time! I have really enjoyed watching some of my less creative friends using this time to explore their creativity - and I'm sure once lockdown ends, everyone will know how to spend their free time on their own, which is so wonderful. Creativity for me has saved me in so many ways. I grew up very disadvantaged and experienced a lot of trauma, my only outlet was reading books and becoming lost in a fictional world as a distraction. I still use this as a strategy now, but to be the one behind the pen has definitely been a huge milestone and I hope that one day, my stories will be read by young people like me."