Emo Boy, Self-Destruction, and Touch by Ella Pang

A collage, an illustration, and a motion art experiment.

About this project: "Emo Boy is a collage I made with cutouts from magazines with the theme 'emo' in mind, but ended up really just anything cute I found. Self-destruction portrays ironically how we choose to self-destruct at times. Touch is an experiment with motion art with just three simple frames. I've always loved drawing hands and thus decided to do that again but with a little twist and fun!"

Scroll down to see this entry (click on each image to enlarge, play the video to watch) and find out more about the contributing artist.

About the artist: "I’m a Media and Communications student doing visual art as my side hustle (which explains the imposter syndrome that I have 24/7), mostly freelancing in graphic design and illustration. My style is often described as grunge, urban graffiti, surreal, and such alike. I’m really into other creative forms as well such as writing, fashion and film photography, and am always looking for ways to incorporate different mediums into my work. I’m currently working on a zine project and launching its Instagram page (@emohourscollective) in hopes to help people feel less lonely and more connected during these tough times. Fuelling digital interactions for emotional connections."

We asked, our artists answered: why does creativity matter now?  "During this time of a global pandemic where we’re stuck at home and forced to sit with our own thoughts, it is a delight for me to experience works of art by other artists as they inspire me to create and try different styles and mediums. They also act as a distraction from the daunting uncertainty of the future and the deafening loneliness that I sometimes feel."