My Gaze by Mohini Mehta

A watercolour painting.

About this project: "This work was inspired during the time spent at home indoors. Each morning I would get up and just look out the window, longing to sit out in the sun and enjoy the fresh air. Everyday this feeling grew stronger. Coming to Australia  as an international student, I  was excited to see the beautiful changing colours of the sky that I had heard of so much. Trying to capture the beauty of the sky from the little that I could see, this work emerged from there. This is a water colour on hand made paper. I call it My Gaze because I see my reflection on the window when my gaze is set at the sky. This is where this piece comes from."

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Painting entry

About the artist: "Mohini is an abstract landscape painter from India. Studying Fine arts for her bachelors and masters, she is now pursuing a second masters in Cultural Materials Conservation from the University of Melbourne. Her practice involves painting with organic materials and using sustainable methods. The works are inspired by her surroundings which address the ongoing environmental concerns. She has exhibited her works in London, Sydney, Kolkata and Singapore."

We asked, our artists answered: why does creativity matter now?  "In the current climate, the creative practices of producing various works of art is a challenge and at the same time it is like meditating. I believe this time has presented everyone with an opportunity to reflect onto themselves, to express, create and learn more about oneself. This time has made everyone re-think of the sustainable ways of creating works, to use materials that are present around us. Creativity at present has helped me sustain these trying times in my first year in Australia and I could not be more thankful for it."