Reflecting 1 and Reflecting 2 by Seunghee Chae

Mixed media paintings.

About this project: "Reflecting on animals' minds as though they are like me, particularly during this pandemic."

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About the artist: "I am Seunghee Chae, currently studying the Master of Cultural and Arts Management. I learned about Asian traditional painting since high school and l graduated with the bachelor’s degree of South Korean traditional painting. My art inspiration is started from my uncle, who is also an artist specialised in Western painting."

We asked, our artists answered: why does creativity matter now?  "My artworks, Reflecting 1 and Reflecting 2 are the combination of my appreciations to the beauty of blessed nature and the love of my grandparents. For the reason that I draw cows, in my country they primarily symbolise grandparents. Furthermore, as to the skin of the cow, I tend to be fascinated particularly by Australia’s trees that seem to emit their emotions and experiences through multicoloured barks. Since then, I just wanted to express my emotions, experiences and situations like trees, imagining that if I was not a human being. Finally, the face covered with the red line of mask just denotes my current situation."