Anything in Between by Su Tien Chow

A short video.

About this project:  "My short film titled "Anything In Between" is centred around the process of baking scones. However, the aim of this film is to highlight the little details that occur in our everyday lives that we would not have noticed otherwise. This film also focuses on the beauty that exists in between the events that occur in our hectic lives, which we do not normally pay attention to. This piece was inspired by Korean vlogs that also emanate a calm feeling in their videos, and also by Béla Balázs, a film critic who enjoys film's ability to make the audience see the mute details of everyday life."

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About the artist: "I am a second-year student majoring in "Media & Communications" and "Screen & Cultural Studies". Just like the name says, I am studying all things media such as social media platforms, news outlets, as well as media users. I am also learning a lot about films and the cultural aspects of society. I am very interested in cinematography and love to create short videos. I also am very interested in graphic design and am always striving to improve my design skills every day. All in all, I enjoy creating all sorts of online content and hope to one day be able to produce content that can have positive impacts on the audience."

We asked, our artists answered: why does creativity matter now?  "I think that creativity has always mattered but its importance has definitely been amplified because of the ongoing worldwide crisis. Staying creative has been a way for me to keep myself busy and acts as a form of escape from reality. I also think that a lot of people are depending on creatives to get through their everyday lives, especially during these difficult times. It is my goal to spread awareness to everyone about the importance of creativity, no matter the situation we are in."