To Mum, with Love by Tharidi Walimunige

Hand crafted greeting card.

About this project: "The design of this card was inspired by lace, a fabric my mum loves. I thought to create a lace pattern through A4 white printer paper and by having a colourful paper stuck behind it, bursts of vibrancy would shine though the cut-out windows of flowers, butterflies and other gentle, curvy, abstract shapes. After many years of handcrafting cards for my family and friends, I wanted to experiment with a new technique and see what kinds of effects could be created through layering and cut-outs. I drew the shapes, then I (painstakingly) cut them out with scissors. The inspiration for the shapes comes from things you find in a garden, a place in which my mum loves to spend her time."

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Crafted entry 1

About the artist: "My name is Tharidi Walimunige and I’m a Sinhalese Sri Lankan woman, born and raised in Melbourne. I’m in my third year of a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Creative Writing and Screen & Cultural Studies. As one of the 2020 editors of Farrago Magazine, my creativity as of late has revolved around writing and publishing. In my free time, I’m a cinephile and avid reader of fiction – YA, fantasy, animation, or anything feel-good are my favourite genres – and I love to write my own short stories and screenplays. Handcrafting cards for loved ones is something I do for special occasions. It’s a self-taught passion I’ve nurtured for many years and my style of cardmaking involves the use of origami, layering, and cut-outs. Each of my cards is completely unique and personalised with the recipient in mind. My creative endeavours come from a place of comfort, love, identity and wonder."

We asked, our artists answered: why does creativity matter now? "Creative practices are therapeutic for me. The physical act of handling finite materials soothes me and provides great relief from the other, digitally-dominated aspects of my life and work. Whether it’s writing stories or handcrafting cards, creative practices keep me stimulated and entertained, nurture valuable artistic skills, and improve my wellbeing. Having a productive outlet for thoughts and feelings is incredibly important, especially in a time of isolation and unrest. Language and art are powerful platforms through which your voice and vision can be presented. Being artistic is a constant challenge to improve and experiment. Creativity keeps me looking forward."