Remembering Tenderness by Theo Beatty

A watercolour painting.

About this project: "This piece is a watercolour of two of my friends, Eve and Bella. It was inspired from a photograph, but I was really struck by the sense of intimacy and wanted to depict that in painting."

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Painting entry

About the artist: "I am a 20 year-old undergraduate student from Melbourne. Last year I was studying painting in a Bachelor of Fine Arts, but I transferred to UniMelb for 2020 to study Psychology in a BA. I struggled to keep up my painting during the pandemic, but using watercolours has helped me paint more often, as they can be set up and packed away quickly. Thus, I have become very fond of the medium! I've always loved depicting people and trying to capture complex dynamics, and I'm hoping to paint more artworks within this theme."

We asked, our artists answered: why does creativity matter now?  "Creative arts are integral to my life. While I don't rely on one form entirely, I both contribute to and consume creative art forms daily as a form of personal expression, to relax and de-stress, to boost my mood and just to immerse myself in worlds outside of my own."