Old Woman and Experimenting with Lens Flare by Xavier Wray-McCann

Two paintings.

About this project: Experimenting with Lens Flare: "a small, rough copy painting of a bigger painting I may do in the future. Painted with oil paints." Old Woman: "a  tonal realist painting done with oil paint. It is of a black and white cast of an old lady."

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Painting entry 1
Painting entry 2

About the artist: "My Name is Xavier Wray-McCann, I am doing a double major in Philosophy and Psychology. I live in North Warrandyte. I love painting people and nature. I've done a lot of paintings of the log you can see in the lens flare painting. I also really enjoy painting people."

We asked, our artists answered: why does creativity matter now? "Currently, during the lockdown painting has been great because its something fun I can do with all my free time. Painting is especially enjoyable right now because it gets boring staying in the same location seeing the same sights. Painting allows me to create new fresh sights to see."