License Plates of Victoria by Yiu Hei (Conroy) Mak

Two illustrations.

About this project: "Inspired by the slogans written on most licence plates in Melbourne and Victoria, this artwork parodies them by replacing the registration with doodles and drawings of Australian life, based on those slogans. The first one encapsulates Melbourne's street life and 'hipster' culture, by changing the licence plate slogan 'Victoria- the education state' to 'the hipster state'. The second one is a simple illustration of some Australian animals 'on the move', which is another one of those slogans. These illustrations are done digitally, drawn and designed on Adobe Photoshop. The artwork has been previously uploaded to Instagram and Redbubble by me."

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Illustration entry

About the artist: "Hello! My name is Conroy, and I am a first year student in the Bachelor of Arts. I'm currently studying a wide range of subjects but I’m planning to focus on geography in the long term. I’m from Hong Kong, and I’ve been drawing for a good portion of my life - I enjoy illustration and working for animation a lot. My art focuses a lot on cartoon characters, and I often use digital art as my medium, usually working with Photoshop. I worked on all sorts of personal projects in the past- from animatics to oil paintings. Currently, I’m working on my own animated short film for the first time, and drawing a bit for fun in general!"

We asked, our artists answered: why does creativity matter now? "Personally, I think that creative expression is a way to help others and ourselves during hard times. Works of art are powerful in the way that it communicates authenticity and beauty in times like these. Creativity matters now more than ever because it's a way to make your voice heard. For me, the ability to make art allows me to see the world in a more interesting, empathetic and even analytical light."