Untitled by Yueheng (Viola) Lyu

A collection of collages.

About this project: "Unedited collage artwork pieces mix together which are from several NGV magazine issues, Two School of Cool, and Body Code Electro Ocean."

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Collage entry

About the artist: "Hi, I am Viola Lyu from China, lived and studied in Missouri and Manchester before, and now living in Melbourne. I am currently doing the second year of Master of Art Curatorship. The motivation I did these art pieces just due to the COV-19 and sometimes I feel tedious and do not want to research the required materials and books. I love travelling by myself and enjoying the alone time during the travel time, especially in local coffee shops. Recently, I just saw a Japanese movie named Tokyo Story which made in 1950s yesterday and binge-watching a Korean suspense TV-Drama called The Flower of Evil."

We asked, our artists answered: why does creativity matter now?  "I feel like creating these collage artworks during my quarantine life could give me a sense of peace because no matter cutting the small pieces from magazines or stitching them to the paperboard which all needed patience and unbroken time. So, it is an absorbing process when I fully focus on them and consider which pieces is fit in the subject of each cupboard. Actually, these pieces are also a ‘review session’ for me because I am currently learning art history, so, picking the contents (like images or text words) for the each of collage is another way to review and examine myself. Also, some contents are from the exhibition I went to before, I could gain some more critical thoughts and inspirations through recreating these pieces."