Hunting Eyes and Wink by Zhaoke (Karen) Xiong

Two animations.

About this project: Hunting Eyes: "This is a GIF reflecting on my thought on information flow.
Every day we are hunting information with our eyes. We look, we observe, we perceive.  However, I feel human beings are drowned out by pieces of information. We don't want to miss any trending bits: Instagram feed, trending tweets, youtube videos, Netflix films. Yet the trending goes fast. There seems to be too much for us to see yet too little for us to really think about the thing we saw. Eventually, we feel exhausted, anxious, only resulting in hunting even harder, trying to find the juicy meat. I want to reflect on this anxious feel of looking." Wink: "If possible, how would the stars talk to the sun? As old-school as it is, they wink. I did this illustration after I spend all night finishing writing an assignment. For one moment I feel it's still nighttime but I saw the sunrise. Then I did this fun piece reflecting how would they interact if there is a chance for the sun and stars existing at the same time."

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GIF animation

About the artist: "I am a freelance graphic designer from China and am currently doing the Master degree of Global Media Communication at Melb Uni. In terms of my art,  I am focusing on doing illustrations and short films inspired by my life experience, my encounters with people, or just by my weird thoughts. Instagram: @Shiroyama1638."

We asked, our artists answered: why does creativity matter now? "Creativity always matters to me, especially during this difficult time. I tend to feel anxious and depressed when I have to stay home, yet doing works of art just help me so much to find my inner peace and get rid of the negative thoughts. Looking at creative projects done by others constantly fresh my mind and reminds me of how amazing human minds and imaginations could be."