7 Eleven Wine in a Hiroshima Studio Apartment by Georgia Bunker

A reflective piece of creative writing.

About this project: "A short reflective creative non-fiction writing piece on the nature of love through a series of personal vignettes/memories. This piece was inspired by the type of love that we are fed through pop culture compared to the moments I have felt love most strongly."

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A 7 11 in Japan is pictured

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About the artist: "Georgia is a Masters of Development student at Melbourne Uni who daydreams about travelling around the world with a backpack, camera and surfboard. She was the co-founder and editor of Discord Magazine, an independent Melbourne publication, and one day wants to write a book about adolescent heartbreak but feels like she should probably start the blog that's been on her to-do-list for the last year first ..."

We asked, our artists answered: why does creativity matter now? "Creativity has never felt completely natural to me but I've always been a heavy consumer and appreciator of art in many forms. Now, more than ever, leaning into both the practice of creativity and the appreciation of it allows entry into imaginary lands, places and spaces currently (or always) physically inaccessible."