La Belle Maison by Katherine Fleming

A lyrical poem.

About this project: "This is a lyrical poem describing a home. It is inspired by my own home and offers little vignettes of each individual and scene making up a day, and making up our home. The grandfather character isn't real, but rather he is a combination of my two grandfathers who have passed away, and my ex-boyfriend's grandfather who I was very fond of.  It is told with affection and a tinge of nostalgia for family life."

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A photo of a small enamel teapot on a stove with blue flowers on it

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About the artist: "I am currently in my first year of the Masters in Creative Writing, Editing and Publishing having done a Double Degree in Music and Arts. I am the founder and writer of the Mindful Materialist Blog, a project shedding light on the dark side of the fashion industry. I’m also currently working on a play which can hopefully come to life when theatres open up again! I hope to do more freelance work, buy more house plants and find a job in a publishing house in the future."

We asked, our artists answered: why does creativity matter now? "When I write, I’m creating an alternate world or reliving a memory. I’m taken out of myself for a moment and transported into a world I can control. Creativity, particularly writing, helps me find solace when the world turns a bit too quickly. It grounds me, comforts me and frees me from whatever situation I might find myself in."