Nostalgia by Olivia Lowrey

A short reflective piece of creative writing.

About this project: "A short story written in the midst of lockdown about fond memories, formative moments in adolescence and realising their importance in shaping who you are today."

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A plate of dumplings on a bright yellowish green table

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About the artist: "I’m a 2nd year arts student and I major in English and Theatre Studies. I’ve decided to minor in creative writing and have found a lot of joy in writing in my spare time during isolation. It’s been nice to write for pure pleasure instead of purely meeting deadlines. I’ve also been cooking a lot and Zooming with my mates for much needed social interaction."

We asked, our artists answered: why does creativity matter now? "Creativity during this period has meant a lot more to me than I thought it would. I’ve always found myself very busy and run off my feet, often neglecting myself from taking time to explore creative writing. I’ve found that this period has allowed me to relish in the stillness and slower moments that don’t come around often. It’s offered relief, and a lot of joy that I think was lacking in my pre-covid (chaotic) schedule. The challenge I find is practicing patience when creativity is hard to come by. Accepting that sometimes you won’t feel inspired to create is also important."