Godzilla Breaks the Earth into Scrumptious Pieces by Sophie Goodin

A poem.

About this project: "My submission is a free-verse poem, broken up into seven stanzas detailing the helpless cycle of a female Godzilla's adventures: destroy,  recover, destroy. I was inspired by my struggle with anorexia nervosa, dealing with grotesque and monstrous images of myself and constantly catastrophizing my associated behaviours. The running theme of destruction and restoration comes from patterns of recovery and relapse in my treatment."

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A plastic godzilla toy with a flower in its mouth

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About the artist: "Sophie is a third-year arts student double majoring in Creative Writing and English Literature. She has explored a range of mediums within creative writing, including short stories, poetry, novels and screenplays, with a particular interest in queer feminist horror. She considers poetry to be her most personal engagement with creative writing as a vehicle for exploring mental illness and trauma. Outside of university, Sophie spends most time working on her novel, her screenplay, and writing for a women’s blog."

We asked, our artists answered: why does creativity matter now? "To me, creative practices are a means of coming to terms with strife. It starts by a process of leaning in to distress, embracing it fully in the hopes of understanding, and learning to dismantle the accompanying pain. Whether that strife be personal, political, vast or minor, creative practices provide the expressive platform crucial to both acknowledging and managing the way we feel. Personally, creative practices have become a hugely validating experience essential to my journey of self-betterment."