Champion new activities and events for graduate students in Arts. Engage the community and foster opportunities for students to connect.

Students in audience

Graduate Student Ambassadors in the Faculty of Arts have the chance to propose, develop, and champion new initiatives and events for the community. Since 2013, Ambassadors have established some landmark events - many of which have now become featured regularly in the Faculty calendar - to enrich and improve the graduate student experience, such as:

- The Internships Q&A (a panel of former interns, industry experts, and work integrated learning staff)

- The Coursework Colloquium (a day-long graduate coursework student conference) 

- Graduate Get Togethers (an annual program of themed meet-and-greets for current students)

- SWOT Vac Study Jam (a day of fully supported, catered group study prior to exams)  

- Drop-in Mentoring (informal opportunities for current students to liaise with Ambassador mentors)

Do you have an idea for an initiative or event that could improve and enhance the graduate student experience? By participating in the Graduate Ambassador program you'll have the chance to bring your vision to life.

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