Industry Conversations

Arts alumni answer your questions about moving from graduate study into industry employment.

In this series of events offered to students and recent alumni, current students' questions are collated and put to a panel of Arts Graduates by a facilitator. It's your chance to learn about the career paths of alumni who studied what you studied and have gone on to land interesting roles in related industries. Learn all about the strategies they used, the challenges they faced, and surprises along the way, all while making valuable connections with professionals in your field.

Industry Conversations events are held multiple times a year, and will be broadcast live via Zoom in Semester Two 2020. Check below for upcoming event listings and to watch recordings of previous events.

Upcoming Industry Conversations

Previous Industry Conversations

Industry Conversations: Marketing and Art Curatorship
Recorded live via Zoom on 20 August 2020

Industry Conversations: Social Policy
Recorded live via Zoom on 12 October 2020

Industry Conversations: International Relations
Recorded live via Zoom on 18 March 2021

Industry Conversations: Arts and Cultural Management
Recorded live via Zoom on 12 August 2021

Industry Conversations: Development Studies
Recorded live via Zoom on 27 April 2022

Industry Conversations: Student Professionals
Recorded live via Zoom on 15 March 2023