Accessing Arts Buildings

During this time, graduate researchers may access their office to collect essential items or equipment. The process is outlined on this page.

Accessing Arts buildings during COVID-19 restrictions

The University has commenced a phased, partial return to campus, with a focus on priority areas while minimising density, movement, gatherings and time spent on campus. During this time, students may access their office to collect essential items by following the process below.

Office access for students who wish to retrieve essential items from campus

Please note: access will only be provided two mornings per week. Requests must be lodged with a minimum of three working days’ notice.

To request office access, please follow the steps below. Access will not be approved unless all steps are completed.

Step 1. Gain the approval of your line manager to access the campus

Step 2. Complete a Health Declaration

Step 3. Complete the compulsory COVIDSafe Campus online module – available in TrainME

Step 4. Email the following details to the Office of the Dean

  • Written confirmation that you have completed the Health Declaration and have met the pre-conditions outlined
  • Written confirmation that you have the approval of your principal supervisor to access campus
  • The TrainME module Completion Record (see screen shot example below)
  • Your Student ID
  • Your mobile number
  • Preferred date of access, noting that access will only be provided on two mornings per week
  • Building and Room number

The Office of the Dean will confirm approval by email to Access Control with a CC to the staff member requesting access. Access Control will be in touch with you to confirm the date of access. Access will be applied to your staff card and you should use your card to access the building as usual. Please attach the screenshot of your completed TrainME module to the email to the Office of the Dean.

Example screenshot of TrainME module Completion Record