Enrichment activities

View all the exciting activities relating to the Graduate Research programs.

  • Graduate Research Interdisciplinary Community

    The Faculty of Arts supports the Graduate Research Interdisciplinary Community, an open, student-driven group that brings together Graduate Researchers from across schools and fields of study to collaborate and converse.

    This group is for any graduate Arts student who has difficulty specifying what their research is about, works across a number of schools and/or disciplines, prefers to focus on a particular problem rather than on a prescribed discipline, or is just eager to broaden their outlook and become a more well-rounded researcher. Find out more and join in on meetings by visiting the Graduate Research Interdisciplinary Community Facebook page.

    The Faculty of Arts supports a number of related, interdisciplinary-focused seminars throughout the year. More information about and registration forms for these events will be listed on this page as available.

  • Wellness Day

    Student Wellness Week takes place across campus in August each year. As part of Wellness Week, the Faculty of Arts turns Arts Hall, Old Arts (Building 149) into a wellness space for one day. Come along and relax on a beanbag; participate in guided meditation, yoga, or dancing; and learn about wellness resources available across The University of Melbourne.

    For more information, visit the Student Wellness Week website.

    Student Wellness Week