Study spaces

Outlined on this page are the facilities at School, Faculty and University levels that are available to Faculty of Arts graduate researchers.

Graduate Research Study Spaces

Various study spaces are available across the campus. Arts graduate research students in need of dedicated workspace to advance their thesis work can apply for designated study space.

Each of these study spaces is equipped with monitors, docking stations, keyboards, and mice, facilitating the use of personal laptops by students.

If you do not use your assigned desk space regularly, you should consider using the drop-in study spaces or libraries instead.

Application Guidelines

The Graduate Centre

The Graduate Centre, located in Building 198 (also known as Building 1888), offers a variety of communal study areas spanning all floors of the building. It features meeting rooms suitable for both small and large gatherings, catering to study groups or individual study sessions. The Centre also provides family-friendly spaces and a dedicated graduate lounge. Visit the Graduate Student Association facilities website for more information.