Course duration and completion

Information for Doctor of Philosophy and Masters by Research students on course duration and completion.

Course duration

All Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Master of Arts (MA) students are required to complete their courses by the end of the maximum course duration dates:

Late submission applications

Candidates who commenced after 1 January 2018 and are not able to submit their thesis after 4 years (PhD) or 2 years (MA), may be eligible to apply for a late submission period (Courses, Subjects, Awards and Programs Policy - Section 4.45.1) to finalise their thesis for submission. This late submission period is referred to as Maximum Time to Submit or Maximum Submission Date, and the duration are as follows:

  • PhD students may be eligible for a late submission period of 2 years maximum
  • MA students may be eligible for a late submission period of 1 year maximum

Applications for late submission are assessed by a Late Submission Panel and may only be granted if there are:

  • Compelling and serious research-related reasons beyond the candidates' control, or
  • Compelling or unexpected, personal or medical reasons which have arisen during the candidature period

Applications to lapse

Applications to lapse are only available to candidates who have been confirmed on or before 31 December 2017 (Graduate Research Training Policy - Section 4.12). Candidates who are not able to submit their thesis at the end of 4 years (PhD) or 2 years (MA) may apply to lapse their candidature. Candidates who lapse in good standing may still submit their thesis to be examined at a later date, normally within two years of the lapse date (PhD) or one year of the lapse date (MA). Lapsed candidates are no longer enrolled and are therefore not entitled to supervisor support, library borrowing rights or email access. They are no longer covered by University insurance and so cannot use University facilities or work on University premises and must not continue with laboratory work or fieldwork.