An online series of short, interactive workshops designed to empower Graduate Researchers with vital thesis-building skills.

The COVID pandemic has changed how we connect and deliver events. In 2021 our campuses are gradually re-opening, but we need to perservere with digital initiatives that facilitate inclusive connection amongst our globally distributed community. While our circumstances evolve, the Faculty of Arts are redesigning graduate research enrichment content  that has traditionally been delivered intensively on campus.

Our suite of traditionally delivered on-campus, intensive events - ArtsWrite, ArtsEdit, and ArtsComplete - are designed to equip graduate researchers with vital thesis-building skills under the guidance of expert facilitators. The content delivered across these events covers topics such as creating community, leveraging writers' groups, generative writing, micro and macro level editing, structuring, preparing for examination, integrating feedback, and envisioning life beyond the PhD. In 2021, via the new ArtsModules series, we'll  be re-packaging this content for online delivery via a series of short workshops featuring facilitators from across the Faculty as well as guests from partner institutions.

Check below for upcoming events, and email with suggestions for events that you'd like to see delivered.

Upcoming ArtsModules Events