ArtsWrite | ArtsEdit | ArtsComplete

A suite of intensive programming for Graduate Researchers in the Faculty of Arts. Generate writing and learn to produce work in sprints with ArtsWrite; refine your work and take on advanced structural editing skills with ArtsEdit; and learn how to consolidate your research with confidence through ArtsComplete.

The Faculty of Arts has developed a suite of three intensive events designed to boost your capabilities and provide you with support at critical points in your research journey.

ArtsWrite is an intensive, facilitated writing weekend. You'll learn how to write in sprints, produce large volumes of writing towards your thesis, and be guided by academic writing professionals. Past participants have found ArtsWrite weekends invaluable for the atmosphere of camaraderie and support they offer for everyone who attends. Offered to PhD students who are confirmed or set to confirm within six months. The next ArtsWrite will be held online via Zoom on 28 and 29 May 2022: find out more and apply online to participate before 11:59pm Wednesday 11 May on the ArtsWrite webpage.

ArtsEdit comprises a full day of intensive workshops on micro and macro level structural editing as well as time management and self-management in relation to consolidating your research and honing your work. This is followed by an opportunity to engage in one on one consultation tutorials with academic writing tutors from Arts. By providing a 1,000 word writing sample to ArtsEdit staff in advance of the event, our tutors will be able to provide you with bespoke advice on how you can best refine and edit your work.

ArtsComplete takes a holistic approach towards supporting students in the lead up to completion. Access wellbeing support designed to help you tackle the final stretch; be guided through graduate examination rules and the particulars of final formatting; be coached on receiving, interpreting, and integrating feedback from examiners; and get prepared for post-PhD life.

While we connect online rather than on campus during the COVID pandemic, we are re-evaluating how best to deliver the ArtsWrite, ArtsEdit, and ArtsComplete programs. Content of each event - normally delivered intensively over two to three days on campus - will be portioned out and delivered as individual modules that can be broadcast online to participants. Check back here for news on upcoming modules and interactive online workshops designed to deliver this content online in 2021.