ArtsComplete is a new initiative being designed to follow on from ArtsWrite and ArtsEdit, rounding out the suite of academically-oriented enrichment activities run in-house to support graduate researchers throughout their candidature. ArtsComplete will run for the first time in 2020 and be advertised via email, posters, and on the Faculty of Arts Students News and events web page.

We envision ArtsComplete as an intensively run event that will support late-stage candidates in the final push towards completion. The event will incorporate academic and wellness coaches to assist you in developing the skills to wrap up your major piece of research. We'll go through graduate examination guidelines, how to prepare to present your thesis, how to work on final formatting using style guides, preparing for and interpreting examiner feedback, and tips on starting to think about what comes next.

Have an idea for what you'd like ArtsComplete to include or cover? We'd love to hear your suggestions. Send them through to us at