Study spaces

Outlined on this page are the facilities at School, Faculty and University levels that are available to Faculty of Arts graduate researchers.

Due to COVID Safe requirements, access to the RHD Reading Room will be limited to students who have been allocated a desk in the space.

Faculty of Arts study spaces

Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences

A variety of facilities are offered by the Graduate School, including the Arts Graduate Hall, a telephone conference room, reading group and seminar rooms, and equipment for loan. For more information, please visit the Resources web page.

Research Higher Degrees (RHD) Reading Room

The RHD Reading Room is a quiet study space modelled after the Victorian State Library Reading Room and available exclusively to enrolled Faculty of Arts graduate researchers to use. If you are eligible, your student card will be automatically encoded for swipe access to the area.

Lockers in RHD Reading Room

There are limited number of lockers available for graduate researchers in the RHD Reading Room. If you wish to register for one, please email

School study spaces

Study spaces within Schools are situated in the respective School's building across campus. Most study spaces come with designated desktops and some are open access spaces for graduate researchers to use their own laptops.

Graduate researchers studying are eligible to apply for the sole- or shared-use of a desk. The Faculty of Arts aims to allocate all full-time graduate researchers a sole-use desk for the duration of their candidature. Although at peak times of the year, this may not always be possible. Hot desks will be the principal study space for part-time graduate researchers.

Desk allocation guidelines

Graduate researchers interested in lodging an application are required to have read the Desk allocation guidelines.

How to apply

Current graduate researchers are required to formally apply for an assigned study space in the schools. To apply, please submit an application:

Study space application form

University study spaces

The Graduate Centre

The Graduate Centre in Building 1888 (Building 198) provides graduate spaces, computer labs, study carrels, lockers, and meeting rooms. You also have 24-hour access to both the Graduate Centre and the Printroom (using your student card to swipe for access after hours). For more information, please contact the Graduate Student Association (GSA).

The Baillieu Library

A dedicated study space for graduate students is available on the first floor of the Baillieu Library. The room has power-enabled desks with seats for 24 students. Graduate students can access the room with their student cards. There are also four graduate study rooms in the Baillieu Library, which can be booked for two-hour periods.

Library study spaces

All University libraries have study spaces, computers, rooms, and group study spaces available. Check Bookit! Online to see what's available and make a book. For branch locations and opening hours, visit the Library website.

Find additional study spaces

  • Bookit! Online allows you to find and access computers, study rooms and group meeting rooms across campus
  • Lost On Campus is another great resource for find study spaces and rooms