Course enrolment information

Step 2: Ready to commence? Find information on finalising your PhD and MA commencement as a Faculty of Arts graduate researcher.

Before you commence in your research

Have you accepted your offer online? Have you completed your administrative enrolment online? Have you reviewed the PhD degree structure?

If you have conditions associated with your offer, you will need to have met them before commencing your enrolment.

If you are an International student, you will need to commence your student visa application as soon as you receive your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) to ensure that you are ready to study at Melbourne by the first day of Semester 1.

Prior to submitting the Graduate Research Enrolment Request form, please ensure you are familiar with course and candidature requirements.

PhD Coursework component

PhD graduate researchers are required to complete the PhD Coursework component prior to Confirmation. If you are unsure about the subjects you should be enrolled in, please discuss the options with your principal supervisor. You are responsible for ensuring that selected subjects are compliant with the approved course structure.

How to enrol

To finalise your enrolment, you must:

  1. a) Have completed the administrative enrolment step online (Refer to Get Started);
    b) Start detailed discussions on your project with your supervisors, including discussions of you electives that will help enhance your project, your required Research Workshop, as well as key project details.
  2. Submit the Graduate Research Enrolment Request Form at least a week prior to your nominated start date or no later than 1 February to allow sufficient time for review and processing.

3. Register for the  Orientation and Induction sessions (sessions to be confirmed).

Important Information:

- You will not able to self-enrol in the thesis subject and coursework subjects online;
- The last step of the administrative enrolment is to accept the Terms and Conditions of your enrolment. This is a requirement so please make sure you have accepted the Terms and Conditions before your enrolment can be finalised;
- You are not required to make an appointment with the Arts Graduate Research Team to finalise your enrolment;
- Please submit a Graduate Research Enrolment request form to finalise your enrolment;
- All students must commence by the first day of Semester 1. No late enrolment will be accepted.

It is a Doctor of Philosophy – Arts (PhD) course requirement that you complete the PhD Coursework Component, consisting of the PhD Research Intensive and a relevant Researching workshop stream and Elective (2 x 6.25 credit points) components.

  • The Intensive Research Workshop is a compulsory subject usually held over the first year of candidature with two day-long sessions.
  • All students are required to select one Arts PhD Research Workshop with approval from their supervisor
  • All students are required to complete two PhD electives from the list in the Course Handbook. However, with the approval of the Deputy Associate Dean, you may be permitted to substitute one or two of the Electives with a subject/s considered necessary for your research and at an equivalent level.

To submit a request for elective substitution, you must

  • Obtain written support from your supervisor and approval from the relevant subject coordinator; and
  • Attach the evidence of written support and approval, and a brief explanation of the reasoning behind the request in your Graduate Research Enrolment Request Form.

If approved for substitution, you will be enrolled and informed accordingly.

What’s next?

  • You will be enrolled on your nominated start date and you will commence consuming candidature from that date. You will receive a notification email once this has been finalised.
  • See our Managing your research section to kick start your graduate research degree
  • Visit Stop 1 to request for your student card after you've received your official notification email confirming your enrolment.
  • You will receive an invitation to the Arts GR Canvas Community with further pre-arrival information.
  • Be mindful of your scholarship’s Terms and Conditions

When will my enrolment be finalised?

Your enrolment will be finalised on the day of your nominated start date. For international student visa holders, you must be onshore to be enrolled.

Graduate Researchers cannot self-enrol online. You must submit an Enrolment Request form and the Arts Graduate Research team will enrol you in your thesis and coursework subjects.

Once you've completed your administrative enrolment online and submitted your Enrolment Request form, you have completed everything you need to at this stage to finalised your enrolment. The last step of the administrative enrolment is to accept the Terms and Conditions of your enrolment.

You are not required to make an appointment with the Arts Graduate Research Team to finalise your enrolment. Instead, please make sure you attend the Orientation Webinar and School Induction meeting during O-week.

We’ll complete your enrolment based on your enrolment request form, send you an enrolment confirmation email and advise you when the you can organise your student card at Stop 1.

It can take up to 24 hours after enrolment for subjects to become available in the LMS.

If you are completing coursework subjects, please note all PhD subjects are single sitting and you do not need to register for classes. Please refer to the Handbook for subject delivery mode and timetable. The expectation is that you will attend the PhD coursework component on campus and meet the residency requirement in the first 12 months of your candidature (unless you are a joint PhD candidate based at the partner institution).

Handbooks (PhD and MA)

View the relevant University Handbook below for course requirements:

Doctor of Philosophy – Arts (DR-PHILART)

Master of Arts (Thesis only) (MR-ARTSTHS)

Master of Arts (Advanced Seminar & Shorter Thesis) (MR-ARTSAST)

Handbook entries are updated November of each year for the following year.


View the commonly used terms or phrases that you may come across throughout your candidature.

Graduate Research Glossary