ANYTHING BUT Online Festival

Submissions are invited for the inaugural Arts ANYTHING BUT online festival!

The Faculty of Arts are hosting the very first Arts ANYTHING BUT online festival featuring Arts students' multimedia creations. Arts Students are invited to submit contributions on the theme of ANYTHING BUT ... COVID-19!

Banner for the Anything But festival

When the festival is launched online, you'll be able to browse through a series of virtual online spaces showcasing what we hope will be a vibrant range of written, performed, and handmade pieces of poetic, academic, culinary, musical, visual and/or crafted creative content. 

Suggestions for what you can submit, below - anything and everything on the topic of ANYTHING BUT ... COVID-19 is invited!

  • Voice recordings: for example, record your own original, written, creative or academic work; or record yourself reading a piece of your favourite author's work with your own commentary; record a discussion between you and a classmate or academic on a particular topic; record an original podcast.
  • Photographs: for example, of a re-staged version of a famous painting that you have created; of an original artistic composition assembled by you, such as a still life or a mini-landscape in your vicinity; of things you have made by hand, such as baked goods, or hand-crafted items.
  • Videos: for example, of original musical or theatrical pieces you have written / performed, or of you playing an existing piece of music or performing a scene from an existing play; of stand-up comedy routines you've written and performed; of yourself dancing or teaching others how to do a dance routine; of poetry readings or other types of readings; of tutorials of how to cook something, make something, or exercise.
  • Written pieces: for example, your own original blog content, essays, creative writing, journalism, or illustrated pieces such as comic strips or digital zines.
  • Images: for example, as above, original illustrated pieces such as comic strips or zines; or original paintings, drawings, sketches, etchings, etc.
  • Or whatever you can imagine / create in the confines of your bubble ... all ideas welcome!

Submit your ideas / pitches / pieces as at this link before 11:59pm 27 May.