Overseas intensive subjects offer you the opportunity to complete an entire subject in a condensed amount of time with subjects typically running from one to four weeks.


Some overseas subjects will be travelling overseas in 2023, while others will travel regionally within Australia, or continue to be taught online in conjunction with overseas partner Universities. Select Undergraduate Subjects or Graduate Subjects from the overhead menu and then select the tile of the subject you are interested in to access updated information.

University of Melbourne Overseas Subject (UMOS)

UMOS are single overseas intensive subjects offered by University of Melbourne faculties that are taught overseas.

Many of the Faculty of Arts overseas intensive subjects involve industry visits and cultural excursions to various sites at the destination. These subjects are an excellent chance to foster international scholarly networks and to approach your subject matter from a different perspective and place. Overseas intensive subjects are available at different stages throughout your degree.

Enrolment into Faculty of Arts overseas intensive subjects is competitive entry by online application and requires subject coordinator approval. Students who are not selected to participate by the subject coordinator will not be eligible to enrol. Further details about the application process can be found in the handbook or the brochure pages for each subject - links to brochure pages are provided on this website.

Pre-requisites may apply to some overseas intensive subjects and places are generally limited to 15-20 students. Please check with a course advisor at Stop 1 to ensure the subject fits in your study plan prior to applying.

There may be an additional program cost for overseas intensive subjects. the program cost will be in addition to your tuition cost which is as per normal fee category. Funding may be available for eligible students and programs.

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