Content in the Field (CUMC90023)

A volunteer adjusts a display of fabric at the Golden Dragon Museum, Bendigo.
Image Credit: Golden Dragon Museum, 2022

Applications are invited for Content in the Field (CUMC90023), a subject that will be taught onsite at  the Golden Dragon Museum in Bendigo, Victoria,  this July. Explore the sections below to learn more about this subject and how to apply!

  • Key dates

    Teaching dates: 25 - 29 July 2022.

    Application deadline: 9am, 20 June 2022.

    Pre-departure briefing: 9am, 8 July 2022 (more information will be provided to students who apply and are selected to participate).

  • Overview

    A quota of 15 applies to this subject.

    CUMC90023 Content in the Field in 2022 will be hosted by the Golden Dragon Museum in Bendigo, located in regional Victoria 150 km north of Melbourne. With a collection of some 30 000 objects including ‘Loong’ the oldest complete processional dragon in the world, the Bendigo Chinese Association community established and opened the museum in 1991. The collection and museum documents Chinese immigration to Australia since the 1850s goldrush, how the Chinese were treated upon arrival, their social history of endurance in Bendigo and surrounding areas, and diasporic Chinese communities in regional Victoria.

    Recognized for its significance (, the museum is undertaking a major upgrade and the collection is gaining greater recognition and attention. The collection itself however is not easily accessible or documented in full. Together with Megan Hall, Collections Manager of GDM, and the Bendigo Chinese Association, we will document and support access to the collection with a ReOrg project (

    The subject from Monday 25 July to Friday 29 July will start at 9am and finish at 5pm on the Friday. You will be staying in Bendigo for at least four nights but it is best for you to arrive on Sunday night and stay for 5 nights. Students who are selected to participate in the subject will receive a $400 travel grant from the Faculty of Arts to support travel and living costs.

    This field-based subject critically frames cross-cultural work currently taking place in the culture and heritage sector, and practically teaches students how to generate cultural conservation content accordingly, from community consultation, translation strategies, intellectual property protocols, working in partnership with all stakeholders and within a multidisciplinary team, to the technical needs of on-site documentation and cultural materials conservation. See the handbook for further information:

  • Eligibility

    Enrolment is by competitive application. The subject coordinator will choose successful applicants based on the criteria outlined below and establish a ranked waitlist of unsuccessful applicants.

    You must first apply and be selected before you can be enrolled in this subject, and you must also ensure that you have confirmed with a course advisor from Stop 1 that this subject can be credited to your degree or diploma prior to applying. If this subject is not listed as an approved elective for your course, you will need to attain written (email) permission from your course coordinator and provide this to Stop 1 before you can be enrolled.

    Preference will be given to students in the final stages of their program.

    The following minimum entry criteria will strictly apply:

    • This subject is an elective in the Master of Cultural Materials Conservation program, so MCMC students will receive priority. Applications from students enrolled in other Masters programs in the Faculty of Arts are welcome
    • Students enrolled in 150 and 200 point programs must have completed at least 100 points and have achieved a WAM of 70% or above.
    • Applicants will be required to provide a brief explanation of their reasons for choosing this subject and make their case for admittance against the questions in the application form

    The decisions of the subject coordinator will be final and subject to the limits of the quota.

  • Credit

    This subject is worth 12.5 points.

  • How to apply

    Please apply online via the CUMC90023 application form.

    Applicants will be required to provide a brief explanation of their reasons for choosing this subject and make their case for admittance against the questions in the application form.

    Apply now! Applications close at 09:00 Monday 20 June 2022.

  • More information

    More information including assessment details are available on the Content in the Field handbook page.

    Please send any queries to