Academic Advising

The Academic Advising Program allows academics and students to connect in a meaningful way, outside of the classroom.  In your meetings, you’ll have the chance focus on what’s important to you, your studies and your future.

How will Academic Advising benefit me?

Your Academic Adviser will be an academic member of staff from the Faculty of Arts. They will be a friendly face on campus and take an active interest in your wellbeing, academic achievements, progress and challenges. You will be supported to make connections within the vibrant Faculty of Arts community and provided with professional insight into your co-curricular interests and study choices. Through your conversations, you will learn some Uni life hacks which will assist in the transition to University life.

What do students have to say?

Ziyou AA Testimonial Pic

"Living in Melbourne for the first time (as a first –year student who grew up overseas), Academic Advising helped me form new connections to other people in the University of Melbourne community." -  Ziyou

Keona AA Testimonial Pic

“I'm grateful for the relaxed approach my Academic Adviser took to my worries. He validated my feelings without building my fears up to be more than what they were and helped me see things in a different perspective. I liked that he gave me something to aspire to, while still being realistic.” -  Keona

Resources to prepare for your meetings

Themes and possible areas of discussion with your adviser

  • Life Experience
  • Career Development
  • Future Studies
  • Campus Life

Sample questions you might ask your adviser

  • What helped you to come to know what you wanted to pursue in life?
  • Can you share about a time that you were able to be resilient within X situation?
  • How do you remain motivated to reach your goals?
  • How do you develop a professional network?
  • What characteristics do you think are important for a mentor to have?
  • Which of the skills developed from your degree have been the most transferable to your career so far?
  • What advice would you give yourself as an undergraduate student?
  • What is the experience of studying (honours, masters, PhD) in your field like?
  • What has been your most memorable academic achievement? Why?
  • What can I get involved in/attend to broaden my perspectives across disciplines in Arts?
  • What are three pieces of advice would you offer to Arts students?
  • How do you think students can make the most of their university experience?