Dr Lara Anderson

  • Dr Lara Anderson

    Dr Lara Anderson is Associate Professor In Spanish in the School of Languages and Linguistics.


Associate Professor Lara Anderson is Convener of Spanish and Latin American Studies. Her main research area is Spanish food culture, and her most recent monograph, with University of Toronto Press, looks at food discourse as both a site of control and resistance during the first two decades of the Franco regime.

She has published extensively on many aspects of Spanish food discourse, such as culinary nationalism, food and politics and food and gender in leading international journals. She has, also, co-edited a journal issue entitled Transhispanic Food Cultural Studies, which delineates the emerging field of Hispanic Cultural Food Studies, inserting Hispanist voices into the arena of food studies and making food central to a praxis of cultural studies in the transhispanic world. She also writes about Australian food culture, in particular food multiculturalism, culinary xenophobia and refugee and migrant food initiatives. She has written, too, about Latin American food culture in the context of Australian food multiculturalism and can supervise on any of these areas. She has also written a number of research articles on teaching related topics such as the place of WIL in the tertiary language setting, the place of food studies in tertiary language studies and the role of visual art and art galleries in language teaching.