Arts Peer Mentoring Program

The Arts Peer Mentoring Program connects first year Bachelor of Arts students (mentees) with later year or former Bachelor of Arts students (mentors).

Arts Peer Mentoring Program

What is the Arts Peer Mentoring Program?

  • First year Bachelor of Arts students (mentees) are connected with later year or former Bachelor of Arts students (mentors)
  • Mentees are assigned to a small mentoring group with other first year students
  • Groups have up to 2 mentors
  • Meetings happen on and around campus during most weeks of semester
  • Most meetings are over lunch or coffee - they usually go for about an hour
  • Groups chat about anything relating to uni, Melbourne, or life in general
  • Groups are encouraged to join in program-wide activities including movie screenings, pizza lunches, and trips to events in Melbourne

Who can join?

  • Any student starting their BA in 2019

Why join?

  • Get to know other new students
  • Make new friends
  • Enjoy fun social events
  • Meet friendly mentors who understand uni and Melbourne. These mentors can guide you as you settle in

What have students said about their experience in the Arts Peer Mentoring Program?

  • "My mentor was easy to talk to and get in touch with"
  • "My mentors facilitated lots of interaction between us and chose a cafe as our first meeting spot"
  • "My mentor and I both shared our experiences at uni, and this really helped me to feel better as I had a peer to relate to"
  • "It is a very good program to make new friends, understand the local culture better and helping our path in uni"

Arts Peer Mentoring group

Joining the program as a mentee

Register your interest in the program here and start chatting online with one of our mentors now.

Becoming a Peer Mentor

We are always pleased to hear from interested students when we are recruiting new mentors. However, applications are not currently open. Should this situation change, we will update this web page with recruitment information.


For more information about this program please email the Arts Student Programs Team.

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